Axis Deer Hunts in Central Texas

Rock Creek Ranch takes pride in offering a great value for your Texas Axis Deer Hunt. Axis meat is fantastic table fare and as well offers a great trophy of a lifetime. This is our customers favorite exotic animal to hunt, we recommend booking early for the months of May. You may hunt trophy Axis deer with the following methods bow or crossbow, spot and stalk, rifle, safari style (from a vehicle) or from a ground blind.

Axis Deer Facts and Hunting Information

Texas Axis Deer Hunting Season: Axis can be hunted year round at Rock Creek Ranch. Recommended hunt dates to book are from May-August when most of the males horns are hard at this time of the year.

Origin: Indian subcontinent in Asia

Antler Size: 26-37 inches

Weight:  Males: 134 – 250 pounds | Females: 95-140 pounds

Recommended Firearm for Axis Deer: .270, .30.06, 7mm mag, .300 win

Texas Axis Deer

Axis Deer have become one of the most desired of hunted species in Texas. Originally from India, these large deer have a reddish hide with white spots with long, gently curved, three-pronged antler tines averaging up to 35. Besides the beautiful hide and antlers, exotic game cooks continually seek unique ways to enjoy this delicious venison. Males at Rock Creek Ranch average 200 lbs. plus and horn length between 28-39″. 

Trophy Axis Buck

The axis deer, also know as the chital deer, cheetal, or spotted deer, were introduced at RCR about 30 years ago. The appearance of the coat is pinkish-fawn to a reddish color, marked with white spots, and white underbody. The antlers, which it sheds annually, are usually three-pronged but there some may have more points. The males, can weigh in excess of 250 lbs. they are larger than the females but they can weigh in excess of 150 lbs. It should be noted weights can vary from each ranch depending on the land and animal management, Typical lifespan is up to 14 years. Axis are primarily grazers, however, they will also browse and eat forbs, and branches of trees. 

Trophy Axis Bucks

Axis are most commonly in herds of 10 to 50 of both sexes. These animals have a protracted breeding season with birthing throughout the year. For this reason, males do not cycle their antlers at the same time and females are fertile at all times of the year. Males with hard antlers are dominant. Normally one fawn is birthed at a time, on rare occasions two.

The quality of axis meat is outstanding and hides can be manufactured into various ways such as pillows, seat covers and small rugs. Also, the antlers are magnificent to display, and are sought after for uses in furniture coverings and beautiful home accessories. 

Typical Weekend Hunt at Rock Creek Ranch


  • Check in at 12 pm, guest registration and orientation, sight in at the shooting range, afternoon guided hunt. Followed by cocktails, appetizers, and a full dinner.

Full Day

  • Continental Breakfast, morning hunt, followed by full breakfast. Typically go back out and scout for animals have lunch and go back out for the evening hunt, followed by cocktails, fire, appetizers, and a full dinner.


  • Continental Breakfast, morning hunt, and then Departure.

Gear List:

  • Binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Bow, Cross bow, or Rifle
  • Camouflage
  • Flashlight
  • Rain gear
  • Boots for muddy wet conditions or snake proof
  • Coolers

Axis Deer Hunt Package Pricing and Example

Our Axis Deer Hunt Package Pricing includes two factors, All-Inclusive fee plus Trophy fee


All-Inclusive Fee for 2-nights, 3-days = $900 ($450 per night)

Plus Trophy fee ($5,000)

Trip Total = $5,900

All-Inclusive Fee of $450 per night includes:

  • Home Cooked Meals
  • Beverages
  • Lodging
  • One-on-One guiding with an experienced hunting guide with full transportation
  • Cold Storage walk in cooler
  • Quartering and caping of animals
  • Taxidermy delivery for processing and mounting
  • Complimentary Bass Fishing
  • Hog hunts (seasonal)

*Gratuities are appreciated and are not included in above pricing.

Average gratuities are 10-25% percent of the total hunt. Tipping guides, cooks, and skinners is appreciated.

Not included: Texas hunting licenses

Notice: This is a general price list. Price list may vary according to animals, some may be lower and some may be higher. Any animal wounded will be charged at the full trophy as listed.

Axis Deer Hunt Prices

Trophy Axis Deer Hunt: $5,000

Axis Doe Hunts in Texas: $1,000 

Deposit for Hunt:  $1,500

  • Deposit is due upon booking and balance paid in full before leaving ranch.
  • Deposits are Non-refundable, but as long as you notify us within 30 days of your scheduled hunt date, you can re-schedule your hunt within the next twelve months at no additional charge, based on availability.

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