Aoudad Sheep Hunts in Central Texas

Aoudad Sheep are one of the most challenging species to hunt at Rock Creek Ranch! Aoudad Sheep hunts will take place in central Texas at Rock Creek Ranch in Copperas Cove, Texas. Aoudad Sheep populations at Rock Creek Ranch are substantial and have been properly managed for the last 15 years. We are very successful in hunting Trophy Aoudad and it will be no surprise to find Aoudad over 30 inches.

Aoudad Sheep Hunting

The Aoudad is a difficult animal to pursue, their senses are extremely good, they have a history for being very elusive. They blend in well with the central Texas landscape. They hide in shadows behind cedars and tall grass, and duck upon disturbance. The prize of the hunt is typically an old Aoudad. The older the better on these animals, they scar up from fighting and put on bulk of horns and meat. The meat has a bad notion among Texas hunters, this is a false narrative, it is a delicacy if prepared right and we will do that just for you. Please ask our guides about preparation of the meat and we will gladly steer you in the right direction.

You may hunt our Aoudad sheep using any method you prefer: bow or crossbow, rifle, spot and stalk, pistol, ground blind, or safari style out of a vehicle. Depending on weather and habitat conditions at the time of your hunt this may change.

Aoudad Sheep Facts and Hunting Information

Aoudad  Names: Barbary, Wadden, Arui or Arruis 

Latin: Ammotragus lervia  

Texas Aoudad Hunting Season: Aoudad can be hunted year round, however we recommend to hunt aoudad late August to January during their breeding season.

Origin: North Africa

Horn Size: Male: 25-36 inches  Female: 12-25 inches  

Weight: 110-320 lbs

Recommended Firearm for Aoudad: .270, .30.06, 7mm mag, .300 win

Aoudad Hunting Information
Mature Aoudad Male

Aoudad Sheep are also known as Barbary sheep, Wadden, Arui or Arruis. Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia) are a species of caprid (goat-antelope) native to rocky mountains in North Africa, and were introduced into the Palo Duro Canyon area of Texas in 1957-58, where they have become firmly established. These sturdy, firm-footed animals were introduced to Rock Creek Ranch fifteen years ago into aggressive land and animal management programs culminating into a successful breeding program. These animals have continued to flourish in the Central Texas climate, on a variety of vegetation including grasses, bushes and shrubs. 

Aoudad need cliffs for security and prefer rock outcrops and steep inclines. Aoudad need very little water and are able to obtain a lot of their moisture from food. When water is available, they drink it and wallow in the pools. This has been very beneficial through the long drought. Aoudad are active in the early morning and late afternoon, resting in the heat of the day. They are also nomadic, challenging and smart. They are constantly on the move throughout the ranch. Males weigh up to 300 pounds, varying on pasture conditions. It is obvious that bowhunters, as well as, rifle hunters enjoy the sport these animals offer because of their elusive nature.

Aoudad Sheep

The male horns curve outwards, backwards, then inwards, and reach up to 36 inches. The females also have horns, and though impressive, do not reach the length of males. However, both are sought after for their trophy status. Their color is sandy-brown and darkens with age, with a slightly lighter underbelly and a darker line along the back. The mature males have a mane on their throat and “chaps” of hair on their front legs. The females, or ewes, do not have the fullness of the mane or “chaps” on the legs. The breeding season is late August to January, with gestation period lasting 160 days. Lambs are born generally between late February and late April, but some lambs are born as late as November. Their main predators on our ranches are the coyotes. The newborns, or lambs, are of course subject to predators such as coyotes. Fortunately, horn growth starts almost immediately, advantageous in fending off their opponents. 

Typical Weekend Hunt at Rock Creek Ranch


  • Check in at 12 pm, guest registration and orientation, sight in at the shooting range, afternoon guided hunt. Followed by cocktails, appetizers, and a full dinner.

Full Day

  • Continental Breakfast, morning hunt, followed by full breakfast. Typically go back out and scout for animals have lunch and go back out for the evening hunt, followed by cocktails, fire, appetizers, and a full dinner.


  • Continental Breakfast, morning hunt, and then Departure.

Gear List:

  • Binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Bow, Cross bow, or Rifle
  • Camouflage
  • Flashlight
  • Rain gear
  • Boots for muddy wet conditions or snake proof
  • Coolers

Aoudad Sheep Hunt Package Pricing and Example

Our Aoudad Sheep Hunt Package Pricing includes two factors, All-Inclusive fee plus Trophy fee


All-Inclusive Fee for 2-nights, 3-days = $900 ($450 per night)

Plus Trophy fee ($4,500)

Trip Total = $5,400

All-Inclusive Fee of $450 per night includes:

  • Home Cooked Meals
  • Beverages
  • Lodging
  • One-on-One guiding with an experienced hunting guide with full transportation
  • Cold Storage walk in cooler
  • Complimentary Bass Fishing
  • Hog hunts (seasonal)

*Gratuities are appreciated and are not included in above pricing.

Average gratuities are 10-25% percent of the total hunt. Tipping guides, cooks, and skinners is appreciated.

Not included: Texas hunting licenses

Notice: This is a general price list. Price list may vary according to animals, some may be lower and some may be higher. Any animal wounded will be charged at the full trophy as listed.

Aoudad Sheep Hunt Prices

Trophy Aoudad Sheep Hunt: $4,500

Aoudad Ewe Hunt: $500 

Deposit for Hunt:  $1,500

  • Deposit is due upon booking and balance paid in full before leaving ranch.
  • Deposits are Non-refundable, but as long as you notify us within 30 days of your scheduled hunt date, you can re-schedule your hunt within the next twelve months at no additional charge, based on availability.

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