Red Sheep Hunts in Central Texas

Texas Red Sheep Hunt

Red Sheep hunts will take place at our Llano ranch, located in the heart of the hill country of Central Texas. Rock Creek Ranch has many Trophy Red Sheep that will average over 30 inches. The Red Sheep hunt requires patience as the animals are very elusive and run on disturbance. The meat is also very dark, lean, and one of the best table fares to be found on the ranch.

You may hunt our Red sheep at Rock Creek Ranch using any method you prefer;  bow or crossbow, rifle, spot and stalk, pistol, ground blind, or safari style out of a vehicle. Depending on weather and habitat conditions at the time of your hunt this may change.

Red Sheep Facts and Hunting Information

Red Sheep names: Alborz Red Sheep, Irianian Red Sheep

Texas Red Sheep Hunting Season: All Year round 

Origin: Naturally occurring hybrid population in Iran’s Alborz Mountains in Asia with Armenian red sheep from the west and have mixed with Trans – Caspian ural.

Horn Size: Male: 24-36 inches | Female: Usually Hornless

Meat: Excellent

Recommended Firearm for Red Sheep: .270, 30.06, 7mm mag, .308

Texas Red Sheep

Iranian red sheep or Armenian Mouflon is an endangered subspecies of mouflon native to Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan. The red sheep have been on the RCR ranch for 10 years, where they inhabit the rocky Hill Country terrain, as well as, grass covered slopes. Surprisingly, these animals navigate and dart from rock to rock and crevices that appear too steep to manage. Usually living in herds, males will live singly or separate into groups in the summertime. Being wild by nature, these sheep are difficult to approach and run quite fast in groups. 

Red Sheep at Rock Creek

Males have a distinct tan to roan/reddish colored coat with a white saddle. One of the most beautiful features of this species is the longer growth of hair around the collar or neck. Females tend to be a more uniform brown color. Males exhibit heavy, ridged horns that arc toward or behind the neck. Horns tend to sweep back and form a heart shape. The horns may grow to a length up to 36 inches, with large bases. Females normally do not have horns, but may appear as short protrusions that curve slightly. Males weigh up to 150 pounds, while females weigh up to 85 pounds.

Red Sheep with Ewes

The Red Sheep breed from November through December. After a gestation period of 5 months they will birth one or two lambs. Sexual maturity is reached around 18 months, and life span is up to 18 years of age. With careful land and animal management, they continue to thrive as a healthy herd. 

With the help of the Exotic Wildlife Association, and Safari Club International, hunting ranches and exotic breeders have assured that Red Sheep will be persevered for future generations. 

Rock Creek Ranch is very proud to be apart of this preservation effort.

Typical Weekend Hunt at Rock Creek Ranch


  • Check in at 12 pm, guest registration and orientation, sight in at the shooting range, afternoon guided hunt. Followed by cocktails, appetizers, and a full dinner.

Full Day

  • Continental Breakfast, morning hunt, followed by full breakfast. Typically go back out and scout for animals have lunch and go back out for the evening hunt, followed by cocktails, fire, appetizers, and a full dinner.


  • Continental Breakfast, morning hunt, followed by full breakfast, and then Departure.

Gear List:

  • Binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Bow, Cross bow, or Rifle
  • Camouflage
  • Flashlight
  • Rain gear
  • Boots for muddy wet conditions or snake proof
  • Coolers

Red Sheep Hunt Packages

Trophy Red Sheep Hunt$3500

Red Sheep Ewe Hunt: $500

$250 Per Day per Hunter will include:

  • Lodging 
  • Home Cooked Meals  
  • One on One guiding with an experienced hunting guide with full transportation  
  • Cold Storage walk in cooler 
  • Complimentary Bass Fishing, Predator and Hog hunts

Deposit for the Hunt

If no animal is Harvested and/or Non-Hunters $250 per day
3 day two night hunt ($750)

Additional day cans be added for lodging for $250 per day.

Deposit is due upon booking and balance paid in full before leaving ranch.

* Accommodations and meals are included in the pricing above, tips for hunting guides are NOT included, but are 100% at the hunter’s discretion.

  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Management hunts are available.
  • Taxidermy and meat processing are available 

*If a wounded animal cannot be found, the full price for the trophy fee will be applied.

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Hunt Deposit
Hunt Deposit